> Important people presented with Escariculturas

> Launching of the Illustrated Book: “Beni’s Herit@age" together with Enio Rechtman

> “Escariculturas” for the CD cover “Brazilian Mishmash” of the Klezmer Brasil Band

> Exhibits and arts workshops for children together with Mônica Gutman at the Memorial da América Latina during the celebrations of 50 Years of the State of Israel

> Ilustrtions for the article in the  “Casa e Jardim” magazine

> “Escaricultura” delivered by Paulo Vilhena to João Gordo (MTV) during the opening night of the “Gordo Visita” program

> “Escaricultura” delivered to Shimon Peres – Former prime Minister of Israel and Peace Nobel Prize

> Meeting with Pelé – Awards for the International Sports Fair – Caricatura Award

> “Escariculturas” for the Brazilian famous actors  Paulo Autran and Cecil Tirré during the premiere  of “Variações Enigmáticas” benefiting the Prato Cheio NGO

> Development and design of awards for thethe Jewish Movies Festivals – The Jewish Culture Center

> Escaricultura for Estúdio Amorim Bambu to receive the  Sharp Award of Music

> Development and design of sculptures for the Brazilian journalists  Clóvis Rossi, Caio Blinder and Zevi Ghivelder  during the debate “Who is Afraid of Peace” –Hebraica de S.P

> “Bride and Groom in the Cake” for the wedding of famous Brazilian cartoonist Paulo Caruso