> Article at video show (TV Program) about individual exhibit at the  Galpão das Artes and the delivery of a escaricultura to  Miguel Falabela (Show host)

> Article for Fantástico (TV Show) about the Galpão das Artes (Arts workshops) and the delivery of a surprise escaricultura for the reporter Mauricio Kubrusly

> Particiption in the  Educational TV Program (RJ) “Sem Censura” with Leda Nagle at the Artist Day

> Article at the magazine “Época

> Article about the meeting of artists with Pelé magazine “CARAS”

> Article in the community program “Shalom Brasil”

> Article in the Estado de São Paulo (Brazilian newspaper) about the  Galpão das Artes at Vila Leopoldina

> Article in the magazine A Hebraica about the Exhibit of Figurines and Caricatures

> Article in the  Tribuna Judaica about the Exhibit of Jewish Art

> Article in the Estado de São Paulo – Your Neighborhood – West Zone

> Article in the Resenha Judaica (Jewsih Community Newsletter) about the Contest of Plastic Arts "Shalom a Message of Peace 1991"

> Article about "The Amazing Caricatures of Silvio Fisberg"

> USP (University of São Paulo) Journal