The word “Escaricultura” was developed by Silvio Fisberg, Pivo, due to a demand for a definition of his type of work.

How to define it?  Sculpture? Caricature? Caricature figurines?

That’s why the word: Escaricultura – Figurines and cartoons in 3 dimensions having caricature as the style and humor as its gist.

Below follows a definition from the  Houaiss dictionary of the word caricature, but Silvio guarantees that although he is not a plastic surgeon he is not as radical in his work.


> noun, female
> drawing of a person or a fact that because of the deformations obtained by exaggerated traits, is presented as a grotesque or funny way of expression
> distorted reproduction of something
> representation in which people are shown and characters and facts are presented in a funny and grotesque manner